Our mission

To transform ordinary moments into special memories.

Our brand

The company was founded in 2014 in a office location by the fjord, called Innovation Dock in Stavanger, Norway. We did not only wanted to embrace our sense for quality, but also to channel the unsurpassed passion for food into creating a unique Norwegian luxury culinary brand, offering quality-minded clients an exclusive collection of handcrafted Premium products and special experiences capturing the true essence of the North.

The name ‘DRM of Norway‘ is now synonymous with luxury products and impeccable dining experiences.

Our Values & Vision

Our values are the cornerstone of the DRM of Norway corporation. They represent our principles, our philosophy, and they guide our behaviour. We have used Danièl’s initials and called our values DREAM. We:

D     Devoted             We have to be devoted to perfection

R     Responsible     Having responsible business etics

E     Exceed                We have to exceed our client’s expectations

A     Act                      We have to act gracefully

M     Master              We have to master the art of extraordinary service


Our vision is to give our quality-minded clients wonderful memories by means of our exclusive collection of products and culinary experiences – capturing the essence of our brand.

About our founder

Danièl Rougè Madsen has become one of Norway’s top chefs. He has worked at some of the world’s best restaurants, including the 3-star Michelin Waterside Inn in London, for Michel Roux, a restaurant in Las Vegas, and the 2-star Michelin Le Moulin in France. He became inspired by the culinary arts during his travels around the world to Singapore, New York and beyond.

Danièl has presented a cooking show with Gordon Ramsay, and has shared a public speaking platform with Rene Redzepi, founder of Noma, the world’s number one restaurant. He has entertained presidents, politicians, royalty and celebrities such as Liz Hurley, Cliff Richard, Chris Rea and Jeremy Irons. Together with Bocuse d’Or winner and Culinary Team Masters, he co-authored Norway’s Best Cookbook of 2012 – “The best seafood from the cold clear waters of Norway”.

He has hosted many TV shows in Norway such as “Totally Wild”, with actor Stig Henrik Hoff, and “Hands-off, chef” where he cooks along with 96 celebrities. His passion for food has inspired more than 100 million viewers worldwide on television, YouTube and other media.

Madsen has won many prizes such as an “Excellence Award” from the Hilton Hotel, but he is most proud of the “Brand of the Year 2013” award he received in Paris in recognition for inspiring over 40 million viewers with his passion for cooking. Winners from previous years include VISA and Louis Vuitton.