Danièl Rougè Madsen and his carefully selected, award-winning team of Norwegian Master Chefs, supported by Bocuse d’Or and Michelin experience, are ready to create bespoke Nordic dining experiences for your personal and corporate needs.

Anywhere in the world, whether on a yacht or in a luxury hotel, we can create culinary delights and visual impact tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our team offers the three key elements of an extraordinary Nordic dining experience – the finest ingredients, an unsurpassed passion, and the finest attention to detail – making every event a memorable one.

We aim high and set our standards even higher. Our sincere goal is always to delight our clients. They are our first priority and we strive constantly to exceed their high expectations

Corporate Events

Our boutique experience
We cater for unique and exciting special events such as product launches and promotions; from intimate networking functions to large-scale fund-raising galas – ideal for building your business relationships and impressing potential clients. We will add value to your clients’ experience, leaving them with lasting memories of a truly emotional event.


Yacht hospitality

Food Couture
We offer ‘Food Couture’ – culinary delights tailored exactly to your individual requirements.

We are part of an elite gastronomic segment, created for a very small and exclusive range of discreet clients worldwide. A unique opportunity to sample exquisite seafood dishes from the land of the midnight sun, deep fjords and majestic mountains. Such symbolic elements are important, if not crucial, to Norwegian food culture and we encapsulate them perfectly within a multisensory experience aimed at capturing the essence and emotion of the Arctic wilderness.

When you think you’ve tasted everything, why not give your guests a new and distinctive experience?

Live culinary show

Public culinary shows
We empower our audiences, from foodies to families, to indulge their passion and joy of food. Master Chefs from the DRM of Norway Team create easy-to-prepare dishes, and offer their tips on food preparation and the dilemmas you may meet in everyday life. Our themes are tailored to our specific audience and setting, but vary with the seasons. We also offer shows with festive themes, uniquely tailored to corporate events, food fairs, shopping centre, festivals and excursions
Master class
We offer classes tailored to professional chefs with the aim of promoting Norwegian food and culinary culture. The classes are held by Master Chef Danièl Rougè Madsen, and are a response to the growing hunger for more information about Norwegian food, Nordic culinary philosophy, and how we use food to express our history.
The classes consist of an orchestrated series of actions, involving flavour combinations and the mastery of mindset and techniques, all carried out by way of passionate and inspirational teaching rooted in Danièl’s talent and expertise. Every participant receives a recipe folder. The shows are ideal for food suppliers, professional food fairs, hotels, restaurants, culinary excursions and corporate promotions


Keynote Speaker

Empower to change
With his contagious passion, Danièl Rougè Madsen has inspired and motivated millions of people worldwide. His topics are tailor-made to his audience, varying from food to quality, as well as inspirational and motivational themes on change, and how to think big and differently from your competitors.


Danièl Rougè Madsen has been used as a TV host for national and international TV productions, due to his passionate persona trough the TV screen. If you want use him in your media productions, please send your enquiry to: